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Choosing the right type of blinds for your Project

As a homeowner, one of the biggest challenges that you are likely to face is making sure that your home matches up stylistically. Some of us prefer more quirky designs that don’t particularly “go” in sync with normal fashion and trends, but that’s perfectly fine. What will never look good, though, is specific elements of the room that just do not reflect the rest of the room at all. Contrast can be effective but especially when it comes to things like blinds, it can be counterproductive.

Choosing blinds that will complement the design of the room can be a tough thing for even the most clued up for fashionistas to do, so your best bet for making your blinds reflect the ambience and style of the rest of the room is to follow these simple and logical tips;

Research Each Type Available

Sometimes, what you think is the best choice available could be absolutely trumped by a better choice with a little bit of research. If you have a specific need for the blinds i.e. to reduce the amount of light entering the room but still have a small bit of sunlight seeping through, a blind with horizontal slats might be what you’re looking for. Something like a Venetian blind. Look into the characteristics of each style that you have considered in a deeper fashion, as it will pay to know the pros and cons of each type of blind outside of how it looks aesthetically.

Remain Neutral

While you want to try and go quite dark with the blinds if you want to black the room out, you should typically try and stay on the neutral spectrum. As long as the colour is within the spectrum of the rest of the room it should be fine. Blinds are extremely versatile, unique and can add a sense of sophistication to your home.

Future Potential

If for example, you were to buy Estil’s wooden blinds you might feel that there is further potential for them to be improved later. It would be easy for you to change as our brackets are made to have easy access to changing your blinds. Many blind styles are easy to interpret and change yourself with a bit of artistic flair and the right tools. Typically, wood is the best as it looks the best when painted to fit a new colour scheme or with some small adjustments included in the design to give the blinds a new look. For this option, you might want to opt for wooden blinds.

The Right Fit?

Some people just rush out and pick the first nice set of blinds they see – but are they going to fit properly? It’s well worth doing your measurements and getting something exactly what fits. It’s better to wait and get the ideal size rather than losing an inch or two one way or another and either having an overhang on the blinds or a gap that lets the sun blaze in. Here at Estil, we do made to measure blinds. Which means to say, our we will make our own measurements at your place so that you can have a peace of mind. Knowing that it’s being
made the right size. These simple tips and ideas can help you pick the right set of blinds with a more balanced mindset, and hopefully, make locating the perfect set at the right price that little bit easier for you in the future. If you are not into blinds or they just do not fit into your
design plan, you can also look at the different curtains we have available.